Compelling digital art created with photographic processes.

Prints are exclusive, offered in limited editions of 20 or less*. To ensure that my work is of the highest quality, aluminum prints are the sole print option. These are conscientiously crafted and framed by carefully selected labs. Aluminum prints are a proven medium for the presentation of digital images. Dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface, images will take on an almost magical luminescence.
The ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface is waterproof and can be easily cleaned. Colors are exceptionally vibrant with detail and resolution that surpasses any other print method.

Quality Control
A proof is examined and approved before an image is printed. Upon completion, the crated print is shipped to me for evaluation and approval. Once approved, I sign, number and date the work and have it shipped by UPS to the purchaser.

Sizes and Pricing
Please refer to the next column for standard sizes and pricing. If you have a non-standard print in mind please e-mail me. I will do what I can to accommodate specials requests.

Please register your e-mail address on the "Sign Up" menu to be notified of new images and other relevant information.

Sizes and Pricing

Color infused aluminum prints.

Limited edition of 20 prints.

Inset extruded aluminum frame.

Includes wire hanger clips and french cleats.

High Gloss print finish.

20" x 30"         $600.

24" x 36"         $900.*

30" x 45"         $1,300.*

36" x 54"         $1,700.*

40" x 60"         $2,200.*

To purchase, please e-mail me at:

* While my prints are offered in limited editions of 20, please note that I reserve the right for all uses of my images other than aluminum prints: website, marketing/promotional materials, contest entries etc. 

** Includes crate. Pricing subject to change without notice. Shipping and Sales Tax not included. Local Delivery is free.

What's Behind the Green Doors with texture
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