Compelling digital art created with photographic processes.

My objective is to discover a composition that captivates me visually or moves me emotionally or intellectually.
I then capture the scene and create a compelling image that I hope will elicit the same response in others.

Untitled photo

Since my first visit to an art museum as a child, I have loved modern and contemporary art in all its forms.
This passion for and appreciation of the visual arts is why I chose design as a lifelong vocation.
I have studied modern and contemporary masters and sought out their work in museums and galleries in Canada, the United States, and Europe. It is an enduring passion that engages me everyday through multiple on-line sources.
With a recent sense of increased creativity (perhaps delusional) I have felt compelled  to produce my own abstract art.
Advances in cameras, lenses, and software, accompanied by exceptional new printing methods, have allowed me to create large scale, vibrant, compelling abstract art that goes beyond the confines of photography.
My objective is to capture compelling compositions in the world around us. 
Imaging software is like an artist’s toolbox and I use several sophisticated applications to manipulate the original digital image to create the desired outcome. Watching my vision gradually appear on my monitor is magical and addicting.

My work of course, is very personal, but I hope you recognize and appreciate the  carefully considered application of universal design principles inherent in my images.

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